Where Can I Buy Quaaludes

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where can i buy quaaludes 

where can i buy quaaludes. Mandrax (methaqualone) is available in light and dark blue capsules as well as white scored tablets. It is sometimes pulverized and smoked in a ‘white Pipe’ with dagga. Mandrax is also frequently used as a ‘downer’ by many users in order for them to function normally or sleep.

Its roots are in medicine. When barbiturates (also known as ‘downers’ and used to treat sleeplessness, anxiety, tension, high blood pressure, and convulsions) were discovered to be addictive, barbiturate-like drugs such as methaqualone and flurazepam were introduced as substitutes, but they were also discovered to be addictive.

Side Effects Of Mandrax

Mandrax abuse can result in some very dangerous adverse effects, such as:

  • serious emotional problems
  • depression
  • drastic weight loss
  • headaches
  • stomach cramps
  • insomnia
  • epilepsy
  • aggression
  • toxic psychosis
  • the muscle control of the body is effected which causes the Mandrax user to fall often.

The short-term effects of mandrax use are associated with a slowdown of central nervous system activity are :

  •  large doses produce staggering,
  • blurred vision,
  • impaired thinking,
  • slurred speech,
  • impaired perception of time and space,
  • slowed reflexes and
  • breathing, reduced sensitivity to pain.

Overdoses cause unconsciousness, coma and death.

Barbiturates and barbiturate-like substances are responsible for many drug-related deaths. Overdoses occur accidentally when children consume pills or when adults with enhanced tolerance are unaware how many to take. Mandrax is very harmful when combined with alcohol.

Anaemia, reduced liver function, chronic intoxication (headache, poor eyesight, slurred speech), and depression are all long-term repercussions of mandrax use. where can i buy quaaludes 

long term symptoms :

  • difficulty breathing and feeding,
  • disturbed sleep patterns,
  • sweating,
  • irritability and fever.
  • Smoking chemicals also will obviously damage your lungs.

Tolerance develops with repeated usage, necessitating higher doses to achieve the intended effect. Because tolerance to harmful effects develops more slowly than tolerance to good benefits, the difference between an effective dose and a lethal dose steadily narrows. Regular use can lead to both psychological and physical dependence. Restlessness, anxiety, insomnia, psychosis, convulsions, and death are all withdrawal symptoms.


Firstly, when combined with alcohol, mandrax can be extremely harmful. Anemia, impaired liver function, chronic intoxication (headache, impaired vision, slurred speech), and depression are all long-term effects of using mandrax. secondly, Babies born to chronic users may experience breathing and feeding difficulties, as well as sleep disturbances, sweating, irritability, and fever. Thirdly Smoking chemicals will certainly harm your lungs as well. Mandrax Tablets for sale


Overdoes can result in nervous system collapse, coma, and death.

symptoms of overdose:

  • Delirium,
  • convulsions,
  • hypertonia,
  • hyperreflexia,
  • vomiting,
  • kidney failure,
  • coma, and
  • death due to cardiac or respiratory arrest are other side effects.

It is similar to barbiturate poisoning, but with more motor impairments and less cardiac or respiratory depression. When Lemmon manufactured Quaalude brand methaqualone, the normal single tablet adult dose was 300 mg. A dose of 8000 mg is deadly, while a dose as little as 2000 mg can cause a coma if combined with alcohol.

If Quaaludes are combined with alcohol (ethanol), another central nervous system depressant, death can occur at considerably lower doses. In the 1970s, “luding out,” or taking Quaaludes with wine, became a common undergraduate pastime.  where can i buy quaaludes 

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