Psychedelics Zoomies understands the importance of security and privacy thus whichever payment method you use you are assured that your financial and personal information is secured. The name of our company or anything related to goods purchases won’t show up on your credit card statement as well.

Upon checkout you will see the following payment methods as options:

Cash In The Mail

Cash is the safest way to pay for Psychedelics Zoomies order as it is untraceable. After you place an order with cash, you will receive full instructions on where and how to send your payment. You just have to wrap your cash with carbon paper or tin foil. Put it inside an envelope and include a piece of paper with your order reference number.

Visa And Mastercard

We are one of the very rare online store companies that have stable credit card processing ability as most companies have lost their processors.

We have partnered with Credit Card companies that allow us to process Psychedelics Zoomies purchases discreetly. The name of our company or anything related to seed purchase won’t show on your credit card statement.

However, our bank charges a 10% fee for accepting Visa and Mastercard. This fee is also passed to the customer. If you don’t like paying the 10% surcharge, then pay with cash or the other payment methods we do offer.


Bitcoin is becoming the new world currency. It is secure, discreet, and fast. More on this shortly


EMT Interac (For Canadian Customers)

We do accept EMT Interac for those who have Canadian banks. You just have to log in to your Canadian bank account and initiate and email money transfer. We will send you the instructions on how to pay right to your email after you place an order.

NOTE: Some countries aren’t allowed to purchase using their credit cards because of international restrictions. If you don’t see the option to pay with credit card, then use our other payment methods.

We are always on the lookout for new payment methods to make sure that we have the options that are convenient for you. We will add new payment methods as soon as they are available.

For any concerns or questions, we are always available to talk over the phone or in our live chat. Our email customer service will also answer your inquiries within 24 hours.

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