Simon’s Reagent



Simon Reagent Description

Use the Simon’s reagent test kit to:

  • Differentiate between MDMA and MDA
  • Differentiate between amphetamine and methamphetamine

The Simon’s test should only be used after first testing with Marquis, Liebermann, Froehde, Mandelin and/or Mecke. The more tests you use, the lower the likelihood of false positives.

For MDMA: Your sample likely contains MDMA if it yields the corresponding color reaction with MarquisMandelin and Mecke, and turns a blue color with Simon’s.
For methamphetamine: Your sample likely contains methamphetamine if it yields the corresponding color reaction with Marquis, Liebermann and Mecke, and turns a blue color with Simon’s.
Storage: Store the bottles in a freezer, and allow the liquid to thaw before use. This will allow your test kit to last for years. Storing at room temperature isn’t recommended, as the test liquid will degrade within a few months.

Test Kit Includes:

  • 2 bottles (Simon’s A and Simon’s B) with testing fluid
  • Color chart with instructions
  • Multiple-use testing vial
  • Protective storage/transport jar

Simon’s Reagent Color Reactions

While other substances may also produce color changes, we have found Simon’s to change colors with:
2C-E, lisdexamfetamine (Vyvanse), MDE, MDMA, mephedrone, methamphetamine, methylone, PMMA


While reagent testing is the best method for on-the-spot testing, it is never 100% conclusive. There are many variables that can impact what the reaction looks like. Lighting, impurities, and unwanted substances in your sample may all play a role.

No drug (whether legal or illegal) is completely safe, we recommend avoiding all recreational drug use.


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