Top Kratom Strains

Top Kratom Strains

You may not have heard of Kratom before which is why you know so little about it, on the other hand, you might have heard of it but be unfamiliar with its many strains. This is also understandable since there are so many strains that offer different properties and results. So we’ve done you a favor, we’ve broken down the top strains of kratom and given you a window into their properties and how they can enhance and improve your life. Read on for more information about the top Kratom strains. 


Bali Kratom is a very popular strain of Kratom on the market today, it is also very common and was considered the primary strain of Kratom for many years. As markets open up and more strains become available, Bali Kratom has dropped off the top, but it’s still a popular choice. 

Bali Kratom is typically darker than other strains of the extract, owing to its darker leaves. The Bali Kratom trees grow faster than other strains affecting the colors of the tree and the properties of the extract. Bali kratom is excellent for energy-boosting, mood-boosting, and relaxation. 


Maeng Da Kratom comes from Thailand and Indonesia, it is a highly potent strain that is similar to Red Kratom. Most people don’t realize that Maeng Da Kratom is genetically modified, it has darker leaves than unmodified Kratom trees and contains higher levels of alkaloid. So how does this translate in the product? 

Maeng Da Kratom can be bought online or in health food stores in capsules and powders for tea, it provides more energy, improves mood, creates more focus and clarity, and enhances cognitive functions. It also had some antidepressant properties and it can boost your sexual performance. 


Red Vein Borneo is a Kratom strain form, you guessed it, Borneo. This particular strain comes from a family of kratom strains that are highly potent and prolific. This extract has many properties that help with a range of conditions, but its primary function is probably for relaxation purposes. 

Red Vein Borneo has excellent sedative effects that help with chronic pain, fatigue, depression and anxiety, and hypertension. Hypertension can lead to high blood pressure, but red vein Borneo works effectively to relax the body and reduce blood pressure levels. No wonder it is a top Kratom strain. 


One of the main reasons people use Kratom is to relax, the other is to reduce pain from chronic conditions or temporary conditions. Red Thai is one of the most popular strains of Kratom on today’s market because it delivers high potency results on these two fronts. You can buy Red Thai Kratom online and at stores. 

There is a natural chemical in Red Thai Kratom that gives the leaves their Red color. This chemical is also responsible for additional relaxation and pain relief. Take Red Thai Kratom if you want to sleep better or if you have some trouble with anxiety. 


Red Kali Kratom is also known as Red Kalimantan Kratom. This is an extremely pure strain of Kratom found in South Asia and its effects are long-lasting. Although it is less potent than other strains, such as Red Bali, Red Kali Kratom lasts longer in your system.

The reason the effects of Red Kali Kratom last longer is because of the thickness of its leaves. They are denser and therefore take longer to break down in your system. If you want lasting relief from anxiety, fatigue, and chronic pain, opt for Red Kali Kratom. 


Red Indo Kratom originates in Indonesia, which is currently the top producer and exported of Kratom. It’s easy to see why because Indonesia is one of the natural homes of the Kratom tree and it has ideal conditions for its growth and cultivation. But that’s not the only reason Red Indo Kratom is a top kratom strain. 

Red Indo Kratom is thought of as an energizing strain of kratom, but that’s not because it gives you a burst of energy. This strain is still part of the sedating strains of Kratom but it’s less intense and potent, meaning more of your energy can be expressed. This strain is also good for anxiety relief and pain relief. 


Not all of the Kratom strains are sedative and focused on pain relief, some are designed to provide users with energy in the morning or during dips in the day. White Vein Thai is one of those strains. It gives you an excellent energy boost in the morning or if you’re struggling at the end of the day. 

This strain of Kratom originates in Thailand and contains more alkaloids than other strains. For this reason, White Vein Thai can offer users Euphoric effects, energy, pain relief, and other Stimulating properties that will easily replace your morning coffee. 


Another strain of kratom that has proactive effects to help you in the morning and power you through a long day, is White Vein Indo. This strain comes from Indonesia and is sometimes called White Vein Sumatra. Or White Vein Borneo. This strain provides users with stimulation, energy, and productivity enhancements. 

The properties of this strain of kratom can actually help improve your performance in the workplace by improving your motivation and communication abilities. Add to that the health benefits, the pain relief, the euphoria, and the anti-anxiety effects and it’s not surprising why this strain is a top choice. 


Super Green Malay comes from Malaysia and delivers a Kratom with strong effects that last and potency. Users of the Maeng Da strain of Kratom like the Green Malay strain because it provides the same results with longer-lasting effects. This strain is usually more affordable as well. 

You can buy Super Green Malay from quality online health shops or health food stores. It is more affordable than other strains but gives you some excellent energy-boosting and mood-enhancing results. Don’t miss out. 

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