Uebelmannia pseudopectinifera

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Uebelmannia pseudopectinifera


Uebelmannia pseudopectinifera

From Brazil, the plants are found growing in dry savanna and rocky areas in rocks cracks or in pockets or small flat areas of organic leaf mould and sand found among rocks. Uebelmannia pectinifera is a solitary cactus 10-50(-100) cm tall. It is a multiform species and very variable in habitat, comprising a complex of numerous local forms, where each form is linked to others by populations of plants with intermediate characteristics. This cactus has a very unique lizard skin texture. This tropical cactus prefers warm, moist, humid conditions and mist spraying is a must in summer.

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Uebelmannia pseudopectinifera

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This plant grows on gypsum hills on vertical cliff in the neighbourhood of Rayones, it is a soil specialist – a gypsophile. Now this plant is critically endangered, the wild population of Gehintonia mexicana was partially wiped out by “collectors”.  Seeds of the cactus are extremely rare.


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