nitrous gas

nitrous gas . The most effective tool to improve productivity in workflow, Smartwhip is cost-efficient by its design and easy to operate, and gives you more control over each product’s texture.

  • High-quality N2O
  • Increases the efficiency of workflow
  • Handy & durable design
  • The biggest cream chargers with more possibility: With 615 grams of pure nitrous oxide in a single container. You won’t spend a lot of time charging. nitrous gas
  • Efficiency through layout: Allowing the charging of multiple siphons using one cylinder. Smartwhip maximizes efficiency while cutting down on gas waste.
  • Guaranteed quality: Manufactured in Italy our product has been 100% pure. It is also in compliance with all European regulations and laws. In this way, we are able to guarantee the best quality Nitrous oxide that money can buy.
  • Security first: Having been tested for pressure at the pressure of 165 bar. Smartwhip can be transported safely and is suitable for use in the kitchen as well as behind the bar safely.
  • Sturdy and sturdy: The steel casing of the Smartwhip cylinder is extremely tough and withstands stress, making it suitable for use in a fast-paced setting.

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