How to Consume Kratom

How to Consume Kratom

If you are interested in taking Kratom, you may be wondering how to consume kratom. Whether it is your first time consuming the plant or not, there are a few different methods of consuming Kratom. In this article, you’ll learn a few of our favourite ways to consume it, plus some extra methods as well.

When consuming Kratom, the number one thing that we are concerned about is getting an adequate amount of alkaloids in our dosage. Alkaloids are the natural, psychoactive compounds that are found in kratom leaves. These compounds are what gives users the feelings and effects from taking kratom.

The following are some of our favourite ways to consume kratom products.


Kratom powder is the most popular and widely available form of kratom on the market. This is kratom in its most simple form. You can purchase kratom in large quantities in powder format, making it great bang for your buck value.

The downside to kratom powder is that it is very bitter. Many people find that taking kratom powder on its own is a bit challenging to stomach. There are a few ways that you can mask the bitterness of kratom.

Mixing kratom with coffee is our personal favorite way to consume kratom powder. The reason why this is so effective is because coffee has a very dark and overpowering taste.

Kratom powder can also be mixed with things like lemonade and other sweeter drinks to really mask the bitterness. We also have had success mixing kratom powder into tea.


Another really useful way to ingest kratom is by taking kratom capsules. These small, discrete capsules are a great way to avoid the annoying bitterness that can come with ingesting kratom powder. There is no need to mix these with drinks or anything.

Sometimes when taking kratom powder, some people find the chalkiness and bitterness to be too overwhelming. Because of this, manufacturers have been hard at work creating high quality capsules that are small enough to be viable for consumer consumption.

There are a few brands that really stand out for their quality and potency. The first brand is called OPMS (Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions). OPMS creates some of the highest quality kratom capsules in the world, and they are based right here in the United States. The OPMS Gold Capsules are in our mind some of the most potent and effective kratom capsules in the entire world.


Our third favourite way to consume kratom is to consume kratom concentrates. Kratom concentrates are a very unique and promising product addition to come about in recent years. Concentrates are essentially like capsules in that they are discrete, easy to consume, and potent, but taste a bit better and have an even greater reduction in chances of feeling a little bit “off” for people with sensitive stomachs.

Kratom concentrates come in a variety of different formats. Our preferred format is kratom shots. There are two really great brands called Chief Kratom Shots and OPMS Kratom Shots. Both of these options taste great and are easy to take around. They are certainly more enjoyable to take than a capsule.


Each method of consuming Kratom has its pros and cons. Below we highlight some of the differences between the methods so that you can pick the right method for your own needs.

Benefits of Kratom Powder

The benefit of taking kratom powder versus other methods is that you get the most value out of your purchase. Kratom powder is often sold in bulk. The method of making this product is to crush up Mitragyna speciosa (kratom) leaves and sell them as a crushed up powder formula.

Kratom powder is much more affordable than purchasing kratom capsules in bulk. This is because the method of preparation is quicker and easier for manufacturers. Kratom powder is also much more readily available, as it is the most traditional method of consuming kratom.

Downsides of Kratom Powder

Probably the biggest disadvantage of kratom powder is that it is very bitter and often “chalky”. Because of this, it is a bit harder to consume. Most people try to mix kratom powder into water. This can often taste quite bad, however. We recommend mixing the powder in with other drinks. Kratom powder is also harder to measure dosage wise.

Benefits of Kratom Capsules

Kratom capsules are fantastic in that they are highly discrete, easy to consume, and often don’t lead to any digestive problems like kratom powder does. You simply take the product with water, and you are good to go.

Another great benefit of kratom capsules is that it is very easy to know what dosage you are going to be consuming. This is because each capsule contains a consistent amount of kratom alkaloids.

Downsides of Kratom Capsules

The downside of kratom capsules is that they are more expensive than kratom powder. To consume the same dosage at scale, it would require a much greater budget. Kratom capsules are also not as readily available in most cases as kratom powders.

Benefits of Kratom Concentrates

Much like kratom capsules, kratom concentrates are highly discrete and effective. They have a consistent dosage which allows users to know exactly how much they are taking without the need for a scale.

Additionally, kratom concentrates taste a hell of a lot better than kratom powder. We also find that kratom concentrates lead to less digestion issues in users compared to capsules and powder.

Downside of Kratom Concentrates

Kratom concentrates suffer from the same issues as capsules: harder to find, and more expensive. Other than that, they are a fantastic alternative to powders.


If you are looking to purchase kratom powder, concentrates, and capsules, we sell a wide variety of all of these products on our online store. We ship kratom across the United States, except for a few states.

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We hope that this guide has shed some insights on our favourite, recommended means of consuming kratom.  

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