Ketamine 101: Uses, Safety, & Dosage

4-AcO-DMT: The Ultimate Guide to Synthetic Shrooms

A shelf-stable, semi-legal alternative to magic mushrooms. What is 4-AcO-DMT? 4-AcO-DMT — AKA synthetic shrooms — is a prodrug of a psychoactive ingredient in magic mushrooms (psilocin). The experience is virtually indistinguishable from the effects of magic mushrooms, aside from a few subtle subjective differences. The patents for this tried and tested compound expired decades ago — threatening the […]

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Where Are Mushrooms Legal?

Where Are Mushrooms Legal?

Magic mushrooms are still considered controlled substances in most parts of the world, making them illegal. While this may seem disheartening for people looking for alternative treatments for their conditions, more and more people are throwing their support behind more scientific research to determine whether psilocybin mushrooms can provide some help to a variety of conditions

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